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Bricks of Labor

Images from my project on Brick Kiln Workers. Full story and high-resolution images are available for magazines and exhibitions.

Once criminalised for what they were and now marginalised by the general public. I have spent over 6 years documenting their life. Full story and high resolution images available for magazine and for exhibitions.

Street photography during the Thame food festival.

When you are told that God writes down everything.

Stow-on-the Wold where Gypsies come from many parts of England to meet and greet and to parade horses that are to be sold.

Surreal images from Oxford.

In the Hamar and Banna tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, when the boy is ready for to become a “man” (Maza), a bull jumping ceremony is held. The ceremony is his gateway to enter manhood and become a Maza.


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