My Photography

The digital revolution has changed the way we capture images, the equipment we use, how we process and produce our images, how we store our images, and how we communicate and use our images. I have been fortunate to track its progress. On these web pages I intend to showcase the images which define my photography. I pursue many of the main genres of photography and never seem to tire of capturing that moment; whether it is a portrait of a nomadic child or a bird in flight or that flower in the wind.

I want several things from my images; learning something meaningful about life and it existence and sharing it with others; the unseen life, the contrasts that exist between miss-fortune and beauty and the visual interplay of textures against form. I try to use them all to arouse emotions in the viewer. I process and enhance photographs to express what I truly feel about what I had captured. Though I work in colour as well as in black and white, I find that the latter is capable of provoking more emotions in the viewer. Hence many of my images are in monotone.  By eliminating the distractions of colours I like to invite the viewer to explore stories hidden behind what seems superficial.

My main interest is in traveling and making documentaries of people in their environment. In a constantly changing world I try to stop time by recording the moment in history of the people and things around them. I try to tell a story. Most of my work is self-supported. I offer my images to be used by NGOs and charities and they are also exhibited for awareness campaigns. My work has brought in many awards and many of my prints are in the homes of private collectors.

Lastly, I truly believe that photographs are only complete after they are printed. Prints are universal; there is something magical about seeing an image as a print compared to seeing it on a screen. So apart from my web-site and social media where I post my images, I hold photography exhibitions to showcase my work. My true passion is printing my images in B&W using pure Carbon inks. It is a technique that I have been using for several years. Images printed with Carbon inks have potential to last hundreds of years because Carbon is one of the most stable elements in nature. I have yet to see a faded piece of charcoal!

Hope you enjoy my photography. Please feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to ideas for new work.