Traveling and making documentaries of people in their environment is my main photographic interest. This could be in urban settings or in tribal lands. In a constantly changing world, I try to stop time by recording the moment in history of the people and things around them. I hope that one day what is present may inform the future.

For me, the photographic process is not complete without the image being printed on paper. There is something magical about seeing an image as a print. So apart from my website and social media where I post my images, I publish small books and zines and also hold exhibitions of my various works.

My true passion is printing my fine art black and white images using pure Carbon inks. Images printed with these inks have the potential to last hundreds of years because Carbon is one of the most stable elements in nature. My work has brought in many national and international awards and some of my black and white prints are in the homes of private collectors.

Hope you enjoy my photography. Please feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to new ideas for my work. Most of my work is self-supported.