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Thank you for your visit to know me and my photography.

My interest in photography goes back to my early teenage years, but other things in life had priority and so for many years it had stayed on the back burner. However, over the last 20 years photography has become a passion, at first embracing its many genres but now concentrating on social documentary and travel related projects. I am a self-taught photographer, Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society, now working towards a fellowship.

Some of my work is available as books, but many more images remain to be sorted and published. Underlying influence in my photography is my upbringing in the British colonies and my exposure to different cultures and social structures. I was born in Indian and now living in Oxford, UK, having previously lived and experienced life in four different continents with vastly different cultures. That together with my inclination to connect everything has an influence on my photography. My work tends to bounce between two sides: that between the views of the privileged colonisers and those of the colonised. In a constantly changing world I try to stop time by recording the moment in history of the people and to hopefully inform the future. I process my images as black and white or as colour depending on the content.

For me, a photograph is only complete and final when it is printed. Yearly exhibitions of my work are mostly where I showcase these prints which are also available through specialist printers. Over the years some of my projects have also been published in journals and magazines.

Contact me for collaboration, exhibitions or an article on one of my work .