Images from a recent trip to Barry Island and Portcawl, Wales.

It is said that some very popular British seaside resorts of the past are seeing much fewer visitors because of alternative foreign destinations which offer better entertainments and guaranteed weather all year round. Unfortunately Barry Island and Portcalwl fall into this category.

As I wondered around the beach-front for photo opportunities I could see how both resorts must have once been popular places for the local communities.

Barry Island has a good beach-front promenade and colourful beach huts available for hire. But on this winter’s day it seemed a popular place for dog walkers. There was also a large proportion of the retired generation sitting on the benches and enjoy whatever the sun had to offer. While just at the back of all this was row of empty shops and a playground with rides and an amusement park which was in a sorry state. Most businesses except for a few small restaurants were closed for the winter months.


Portcalw (images below) too has a promenade running along the sea front backed by amusement part, shops and cafes. It also has a lighthouse made famous by images of crashing waves on windy days; splashing the water well above the lighthouse. Unfortunately on this day it wasn’t windy enough to witness this drama.

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