I am a traveller and photographer with an avid thirst for social documentaries. Since a young age I have had opportunities to travel, helped by my curiosity to learn about other countries. For me, the student days were the best time to cultivate better understanding of people from different parts of the world. I have hitch hiked across the US and got lost in the Amazon forest, danced with tribes of Omo Valley and feasted with Nagas of India. There is nothing more exciting than to be in a far off environment trying to uncover its secrets and photograph the people. After a satisfying career as a network architect for a large cable operator, I rested the “9-5” mindset and took to the old passion.

Although I enjoy shooting portraits, what I really like is capturing stories of people and documenting small events; from cultural rituals to daily life activities. Sometimes, as a photographer it is natural to be drawn into different genre of photography to learn and understand the photographic process. In recent years I have dedicated my photography to social documentary by working with various NGOs.

I have been commissioned by VSSMIndia.org, a charity working with Nomadic Tribes in India, and also by SEWAIndia.org, a union for Women Workers in the informal sector. I have been working with the later for over 9 years and am in possession of a large collection of images of Women Workers of India. Both these NGOs are based in India. My photographs are also used by Anti-Slavery.org, one of the oldest charities based in London in their reports and awareness programes.

My exhibitions which I organise from time to time are mainly based around these projects. If you are a charity and would like me to get involved in your work as a photographer then please feel free to contact me. Most of the projects are self supported.

Some of my photographs have earned me awards in International Competitions and have been published in Journals and magazines. Many of my prints are on the walls of private collectors. My prints are sold individually or as a collection. Profits from any sales go toward the charity I work with and if possible also pay for my other projects which are self- supported. For more on my prints please see my work on B&W and Gumoil prints.

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